About me.

Here are a fews things about me. I love photography and try to learn something new everyday. I believe in the power of visual and particulary emotions.

My name is Samy Jourdan, I am born in France from a Morocan mother and a Russian dad. I moved to London in 2012.

My introduction to photography was unintentional. In my early year I was doing a lot of graffiti. All of my friends was taking pictures but only of the graffiti we were drawing. It's a this time that I started to think about photography and how to put emotion in what we were doing.

10 years later, here I am in London. Capturing images in the best club in Europe, shooting amazing models , working for amazing brands, and the most important, meeting great people every day.

For me photography is the best thing I could have to express my self, to show things as they are by capturing the good picture at the good time.